After consulting with the repair company and reviewing the history of the appliance, HouseCheck will determine if the appliance is worth repairing. If a determination is made that the appliance should be replaced, HouseCheck will reimburse you, based on the schedule below, for the purchase and installation of a new appliance (HouseCheck does NOT offer full replacement).

  • A/C Inside Coil: $500
  • A/C Outside Unit – $700
  • Attic Fan – $150
  • Boiler – $700
  • Deep Freeze – $400
  • Dishwasher – $300
  • Dryer – $300
  • Electrical Fixtures – $100
  • Furnace/Air Handler – $500
  • Garage Door Opener – $100
  • Garbage Disposal – $100
  • Microwave – $150
  • Package Unit – $950
  • Plumbing Fixtures – $100
  • Pool Heater – $500
  • Pool Pump – $500
  • Radon Pump – $300
  • Range – $300
  • Refrigerator – $400
  • Thermostat – $150
  • Trash Compactor – $150
  • Washer – $300
  • Water Heater – $300
  • Well Pump – $350
  • Well Holding Tank – $250
  • Wine Cooler – $400
No. All of the items protected by your plan must be in working order prior to the effective date of your plan. You cannot knowingly enroll a broken appliance into a plan and have it repaired by HouseCheck.
No. Each HouseCheck plan protects one of each appliance listed, and you MUST specify which unit you would like to protect. If you have additional heating/cooling unit(s), you MUST add them to your plan at an additional cost. If you do not add the additional unit(s) to your plan and do not designate which system you would like to protect when you enroll, HouseCheck will protect the unit responsible for heating/cooling the kitchen by default. (view plans)
If you are purchasing a home, the protection starts as soon as closing has occurred and payment has been received. If you are protecting your existing home, there is a 30 day waiting period before you are eligible for repairs or service.

Yes. HouseCheck offers protection for rental properties. Tenant-occupied properties are subject to an additional monthly fee in addition to the price of the selected plan.

HouseCheck will pay overtime charges ONLY for furnace repairs when there is a risk of water lines freezing. You must pay for any other expedited service and HouseCheck will pay the normal labor and parts charges.

No. HouseCheck pays for the repair and maintenance to return the appliance or system back to working order. Any secondary damage to the home or personal possessions is NOT paid for by this program.

If you have high-end appliances, this option doubles the reimbursement amount towards a replacement appliance and increased consideration for expensive repairs.

No. We look at the history of the appliance and what the service tech says about the appliance to determine if an item should be repaired or replaced. Plumbing, septic and electrical related claims are limited to an aggregate maximum in a 12-month period.

Refunds are prorated, less any claims paid on the account, and less a processing fee. If the claims total exceeds the payment total, you would not be entitled to a refund.

HouseCheck DOES NOT protect the following items: Anything structural (including roofs), duct-work, humidifiers, sprinkler systems, spa tubs, or sump pumps.

No. Buying a HouseCheck Home Warranty Plan is at the discretion of the buyer or seller of the house.