“Company” means Complete Appliance Protection, Inc., 1532 NE 96th Street, Suite A, Liberty, MO 64068, the sponsor and supporter of the HouseCheck Home Warranty Program.

“You or Your” means the recipient of this Plan.

“Appliance(s)” means all the Appliances and single forced air central heating and cooling systems specifically listed on the front of this agreement, plus any optional items selected. If the protected property has more than one heating/cooling system, and You fail to add it to Your plan or specify a preference prior to enrollment, the Plan will protect the unit that heats/cools the kitchen by default.
“Servicer” means the Servicer you have selected, or the Servicer in the Company’s network.

2. TERM OF PLAN: This Plan runs month-to-month and You or the Company may cancel this Plan at any time. The Company may also raise prices or change the terms and conditions of this Plan with notification to You at least one month prior to the month the Company wishes to make such changes. If You cancel the plan You may request a prorated refund, less any claims and administrative fee of $25.

3. COVERAGE SUMMARY: This plan covers only those items specifically listed on the front of this document and excludes all others. The Company will provide repair service on your protected items to restore them to normal operating condition as a result of electrical or mechanical component failure. Any part necessary for the normal operation that is contained within the sheet metal skin of that unit is protected by this plan. All coverage is limited to those items within the home’s foundation, except for any optional items (pool, septic and well systems) selected that are no deeper than 10 feet below grade. Plumbing, septic and electrical related claims are limited to an aggregate maximum of $1,000 in a 12-month period. You are allowed one preventive maintenance check on your HVAC system once every other year.

A. Drainage: Does not cover clogs or stoppages of any kind including condensate drain lines from Your air conditioner.
B. Renovation: Homes undergoing renovation, remodel or being “flipped” as an investment are excluded from the Plan.
C. Abnormal or Unsafe Conditions: The Company reserves the right to refuse service if one of the following conditions exist: Item is unserviceable, working conditions are unsafe, installation codes are not met, unit is not being used for its designed purpose, fraud/abuse of this plan.
D. Situations Normally Covered By Your Homeowners Policy: The Company will not pay for repairs or damage caused by animals, humans, floods, fire, lightning, power surges, theft, power/water supply outages, natural disasters, acts of God or civil disobedience.
E. Not up to Code: The Company will not pay for the repair of anything that is required by any government body (city, state, federal) or other third party. F. Investigation: The Company will not pay for the repair of any damage done due to the investigation or repair of a covered claim. For example, repairing sheet rock, or insulation that were accessed during the investigation or repair.
G. Consequential Damage: The Company will not pay for any secondary damage resulting from any mechanical or structural component failure. This also includes lost time, lost use of your home, or any damages due to special circumstances.
H. Cosmetic: Cosmetic repairs are not covered by this Plan.
I. Ductwork: Ductwork, and the corresponding humidifier and air filters located inside the ductwork, are not part of this program.
J. Missed Appointments: It is Your responsibility to make and keep appointments. You are responsible for any service fees charged by the Servicer if You fail to be present for appointments and will be billed for said fees by the Company.
K. Uneconomical: The Company may refuse to repair an item if in its sole discretion it believes it is uneconomical to repair, or if the item is not repairable. If the Company decides not to repair an item protected under this plan, the Company will reimburse You toward the replacement and installation of that item with a new one based on the following schedule: $100 for plumbing fixtures, electric garage door opener, garbage disposal, or electrical fixtures; $150 for thermostat, microwave or trash compactor; $300 for dishwasher, dryer, range, washer, water heater or radon pump; $400 for refrigerator or stand alone freezer/ice maker; $500 for the inside coil of central air unit or furnace/air handler; $700 outdoor condensing unit or a boiler used to heat the home; $950 for a packaged HVAC unit.

5. HOW TO MAKE A CLAIM: To request service You must first contact the Company at 1-800-889-2512 to receive an authorization number for Your claim. The Company will not pay charges for labor or parts procured by You without prior authorization from the Company.

6. SERVICE RESPONSE TIME: Weather conditions and workload will govern Servicer response time. Overtime and holiday rates will not be paid, only straight time, unless The Company deems it a valid emergency. The Company has the sole discretion in determining what constitutes a valid emergency and in most cases only furnace repairs which involve the potential for freezing pipes are considered an emergency. You may utilize a service company of your own choosing, or the Company may provide you with a referral, if available. Your service company may be asked to provide an itemized repair estimate, including the breakdown of parts & labor, as well as a specific cause for the failure.

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