As part of a continuing effort to provide a comprehensive package of services to home-buyers, home sellers, and the real estate community, HouseCheck has inked an agreement with HMS Home Warranty.

HMS has long been considered a powerhouse in the home warranty industry, and has covered literally millions of homes with affordable, no-nonsense warranties. HouseCheck’s strategic alliance with HMS enables HouseCheck to immediately bring the power of a home warranty to customers who purchase a home inspection.

Mike Elder, HouseCheck’s Director of Home Warranties, explains, “The advantages of a home warranty to a buyer are obvious…it provides peace of mind to the buyer that they won’t be saddled with an unexpected, expensive repair after they take possession of their new house.

“There are also advantages for a home seller to buy a home warranty, but they’re a little less obvious to some. HouseCheck recommends that a home seller buy a home inspection BEFORE listing the home for sale. That way, the seller can elect to make repairs that could otherwise be cited as reasons for price renegotiation after a contract is signed by a buyer.

“Then, after the sellers’ home has been inspected, the seller can activate a home warranty at a bundled discount. This warranty will take care of any breakdowns of covered systems in the home while it’s on the market. And later, when an agreement of sale is reached, the remaining balance of the home warranty can be seamlessly transferred to the new owner.

“This way, the buyer obtains a fresh home inspection report that details the condition of the home and its systems, along with a home warranty that makes most common home problems a non-issue,” Mr. Elder concluded. “The benefit is clear: A home being sold with this powerful benefits package will have a compelling competitive advantage over other similar homes without the same assurance.”

More information on HouseCheck’s Home Warranties is available at Or, simply call 844.94.CHECK.