Questions Inspectors have asked about HouseCheck:

There are four main reasons to consider HouseCheck as your new business model for your business.

A NATIONAL BRAND: First, this model is changing the way the home inspection industry operates. Traditionally, home inspectors depend on real estate agents to provide them with leads. But we’re changing that model by building HouseCheck into a national consumer-recognized brand within all 210 media markets. This will be achieved through a sustained marketing blitz on TV, Radio, Billboards, and Digital Media, not to mention high-impact branding on over 8,000 inspector vehicles nationwide.

BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGIES: Second, this model will be developing advanced technologies to accept online and phone reservations, routing inspections to the closest inspectors to cut operational expenses. In addition, our model will utilize cloud-based systems to produce inspection reports for some 3,000,000 inspections per year when fully implemented across the U.S., creating the world’s largest home inspection database.

TOP-NOTCH SUPPORT: Third, this model will give you access to a team of over 600 HouseCheck employees who are dedicated to your success. This team will create and deploy marketing initiatives, manage sales leads, and schedule inspection appointments for you. In addition, our dedicated Inspector Support Team will regularly generate up-to-date web-based training materials for you, assist you with any inspection-related issues or questions, and help you fully benefit from our technological systems.

INCOME ENHANCEMENT: Our system will help you increase your monthly operating income. Our minimum baseline goal is to provide you with an average of 5 appointments a week for 48 weeks a year. Our primary goal is 7.5 inspections per week, and our visionary goal, upon which our optimal business model is built, is to sustain 10 appointments a week for 48 weeks a year, which will enable our inspectors to make up to $100,000+ per year.

There are several key advantages: You’ll be part of a nationally-recognized consumer brand, which affords you a level of recognition and legitimacy beyond that any individual inspector could develop on their own. You’ll have access to technology. You’ll be able to take advantage of training and support systems that allow you to do what you do best, which is inspecting homes, while we do what we do best, which is implementing and managing marketing, training, technology, and support systems to your ultimate advantage.

First of all, inspectors who don’t align with HouseCheck will likely find themselves competing against an aggressive HouseCheck consumer marketing blitz…we’ll be running significant schedules on TV and Radio, and Digital media in your market area, and conducting other marketing activities that will generate a commanding share of market. Next, you’ll be behind the curve technologically, because only HouseCheck inspectors will have access to our advanced, proprietary technologies that will give them a tangible advantage. To make matters worse, you’ll find yourself competing against the HouseCheck Inspectors in your area, who will have advantages in training, technology, marketing, and support you won’t. In short, we believe it will become difficult to sustain a conventional inspection business once HouseCheck comes to town…which is the best reason of all to join HouseCheck now!

HouseCheck’s business model is designed to serve our two core constituency groups. The first group is comprised of our inspectors, whose success is the purpose and driver of our business. The second group is comprised of consumers, who are the actual buyers of our service, and whose ultimate satisfaction is key to our very survival as a business. Our goal is to operate the finest service-related business in America, and attaining that goal will ensure for our stockholders and stake holders the highest possible return on investment.