Questions Inspectors have asked about HouseCheck:

There are four main reasons to consider HouseCheck as your new business model for your business.

A NATIONAL BRAND. First, HouseCheck is changing the way the home inspection industry operates. As HouseCheck expands into new markets, we hire local experienced realtors whose full-time job is to reach out to the local real estate community. Their mission? To convert realtors to the HouseCheck brand! Meanwhile, we create consumer awareness by targeting homeowners with a robust campaign including TV, radio, billboards and digital media. Over time, HouseCheck will become a national consumer-recognized brand from coast to coast.

A VALUE-ADDED APPROACH. Second, HouseCheck’s is continually on the lookout for ideas and services that bring greater value to homeownership. That why, besides providing complete inspection services, we also offer these cutting-edge home services:

  • HouseCheckup. When a full home inspection isn’t required, HouseCheckup helps maintain the value of the home while helping everyday homeowners avoid unpleasant surprises. This also means more work and income for HouseCheck inspectors!
  • Home Warranties. Safeguards homeowners against the high cost of unexpected failures to the major systems and appliances in their homes — leading to greater certainty and increased confidence.
  • HouseCheck Certified Pre-Owned Home. The house is inspected and approved before it goes on the market — reducing stress, eliminating complexity and helping everyone move forward. It also helps the seller to receive the best price for their home.
  • HouseTrack. An Interactive Energy Management Solution that tracks and monitors home energy trends and provides control over the home — as well as the electric bill.
  • HouseFax. Similar to an automotive history report, HouseFax delivers an invaluable, detailed, accurate property history you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

TOP-NOTCH SUPPORT. Third, HouseCheck inspectors will have access to a growing team of HouseCheck employees who are dedicated to your success. This team will create and deploy marketing initiatives, manage sales leads, and schedule inspection appointments for you. In addition, our dedicated Inspector Support Team will regularly generate up-to-date web-based training materials for you, assist you with any inspection-related issues or questions, and help you fully benefit from our technological systems.

COMPENSATION & BENEFITS PACKAGE. Last but certainly not least, as a HouseCheck employee, you’ll be compensated handsomely for your efforts. Including generous commissions plus annual performance bonuses… allowances for phone, data, tools and HouseCheck logo wear…company-subsidized medical, dental and vision benefits…and matching 401K.

Plus, Housecheck inspectors are provided with the latest inspection reporting software. We cover your insurance…pay your key lockbox fees…provide you with a company laptop…and more!

There are several key advantages.  You’ll be part of a nationally-recognized consumer brand — affording you a level of recognition and legitimacy beyond what you could develop on your own. You’ll have access to technology. You’ll take advantage of training and support systems that allow you to do what you do best, which is inspecting homes, while we do what we do best, which is implementing and managing marketing, training, technology, and support systems to your ultimate advantage.

HouseCheck’s business model is designed to serve our two core constituency groups. The first group is comprised of our inspectors, whose success is the purpose and driver of our business. The second group is made up of consumers, who are the actual buyers of our service. Their ultimate satisfaction is key to our success as a business. Our goal is to operate the finest service-related business in America. Attaining that goal will ensure our stockholders and stake holders the highest possible return on investment.