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Is health-damaging MOLD lurking in your HOME?

Studies show that up to 70%* of the homes in the Houston area may contain harmful mold.

Here’s how HouseCheck’s Environmental Services helps you find out if you might be prey to household MOLD:

  • First, HouseCheck’s experts visually inspect your residence for signs that it is conducive to mold growth.
  • Next, we’ll take readings with an infrared camera.
  • We’ll check for moisture inside your walls.
  • We’ll also inspect your air conditioning unit to see if condensation might be creating microbial growth.
  • If our inspection reveals that your house is at risk, we’ll explain our findings and detail your options for further testing to pinpoint the location and severity of the issue.
  • If additional testing reveals mold is present, we’ll recommend effective steps for removing the mold. Once remediation is complete, we’ll retest your house to make sure your home is clear.
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What is MOLD and where does it come from?

where does mold come from
  • Mold is a fungus that lives both indoors and outside.
  • Mold thrives in moist, damp places.
  • Mold reproduces by creating microscopic spores.
  • The spores can travel through the air.
  • When mold finds the right environment it will grow and grow and grow.

The shocking dangers of MOLD:

the dangers of mold
  • Mold can make you very sick
  • Mold can affect even the cleanest homes
  • Just because you can’t see mold doesn’t mean it’s not there
  • Pregnant moms, small children and others with health conditions are at higher risk
  • Mold sensitivity may cause headaches, stuffy nose, irritated eyes, wheezing and skin irritation
  • Mold illness might result in serious, chronic health problems such as insomnia, anxiety, loss of appetite, confusion, neurological and psychiatric problems

Don’t Take Our Word For It…
Here’s What Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying:

Matthew O.

“I needed to have my home inspected after Hurricane Michael. They came over to my house and solved my problem immediately; super professional, fast, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!”

Raymond P.

“Mark, thanks once again. Ian and Josh just completed their on-sight testing. They were very professional and courteous. They patiently explained each step of their process and how a remediation might be done. Hoping for a “good” report”

Donna L.

“There was a mold problem in one of my rental homes and Ken came out to do the testing. He was very thorough and professional and did a fantastic job. When completed I thanked him and told him that I hoped I didn’t see him again. And that wasn’t because of anything he did, but I was telling him I didn’t want to see mold again in my lifetime. He laughed and said he hears that a lot. I would highly recommend this company.”

Our Certifications

HouseCheck inspectors are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and processes to ensure that even the most obscure hidden mold is detected and can be eliminated before it spreads and your family’s health is at risk.
american society of home inspectors
infarared certified
inspector pro

Certification of the fulfillment of requirements as set forth by the:
American Industrial Hygiene Association
National Environmental Health Association
National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program

Florida State License – MRSA2017

TREC #21271
Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice
Mold Assessment Company License Number: ACO1155

What’s more important than
your loved ones’ health and safety?

Is your home a breeding ground for dangerous mold? To know for sure, have a complete, professional examination from the mold inspection specialists at HouseCheck Environmental Services. Our mold inspection procedure — and our team of professionals — are second to none.

Don’t wait to safeguard your family from the well-known health risks associated with household mold. To explore the options – and sign up for your inspection – call HouseCheck Environmental Services inspection hotline at (850) 769-8830 or click the request mold inspection button below and fill out the form.