Here’s an important question for homeowners:

How important is it to know that your home is safe? That it’s free from environmental contaminants and toxins that might harm you or your loved ones?

If you only knew the potential dangers of those health hazards, you would shout “VERY IMPORTANT!”

– You might be thinking: “Yes, of course, I want my home to be safe. But really, how do I know if it isn’t and what can I do about it?”

Until now, the answer was uncertain. But thanks to LabCheck, our brand new, advanced laboratory testing services you’ll have reliable information at your fingertips.

Lead poisoning of children in Flint, Michigan…a common weed killer that may cause cancer… the serious health problems created by mold… mesothelioma and lung cancer that resulted from asbestos exposure.

A staggering variety of toxins and contaminants often lurk in our homes, unseen and unknown. But the fact that we can’t see or smell them doesn’t mean they are harmless. Quite the contrary. From mold to lead, contaminated drinking water and residues left behind by numerous substances, these toxic substances are very real — and potentially quite dangerous.

The LabCheck Home Contaminant & Toxin Testing Program can screen your home for every one of them. Quickly. Reliably. Conveniently.

HouseCheck‘s Lab Testing Services:

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