If there is an insurance claim caused by a storm, or even a non-storm event e.g. water pipe breaks, it is important for the property owner to have an independent assessment of the condition of the property before the ‘event’ to document the condition of the property and the contents therein.
There are 3 pre-storm plans available – Basic, Professional and Premium.

All 3 plans include documentation and visual inspection of all interior and exterior spaces, including a furniture inventory, and including driveways, ground-level trims and windows, ground level doors, irrigation systems, playgrounds. Pool and pool structures, roofs, spas, tennis courts, conference rooms, garages, gyms, lobbies, lobby bathrooms, mechanical rooms, office, postal rooms and storage rooms.

All plans include a starter-kit of our unique HouseTrack sensor monitoring system for water, temperature, movement or CO2.

The Professional plan includes drone photography of the entire building facades and roof and interior thermal imaging photos, as well as 360 degree 3D photos of the main common exterior and interior common areas.

The Premium plan includes everything in the Professional plan PLUS thermal imaging drone photography of each building façade and roof.

Each building is different. Once we know the details, we can provide a quote.
The Basic plan can take up to 4 hours. The Professional and Premium plans will take the entire day.

Not really. Simply access to the spaces to be documented.

Yes and no. If there is no ‘event’ during the year, we will do a yearend update report wherein we will re-review the initial report and provide a new independent updated opinion.

If there is an ‘event’, then you will likely need a new full or partial report to document any potential damage.

Our inspectors are available to help you if there is any litigation with your insurer.
Yes, if you ask for it. If you can show documented evidence of the condition of your property many insurers will offer you a reduction in premium, especially if they know you are monitoring the property with our HouseTrack sensors.