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The HouseCheck Certified Pre-Owned Home:
Fewer surprises. More peace of mind.

Here’s How HouseCheck’s Professional “Seal of Approval” Helps Sellers, Buyers and Agents!

Whether you are selling a home…buying a home…or you are a real estate agent handling a transaction…everyone wants a smooth, stress-free experience.

Fortunately, HouseCheck has a solution we all like: Our Certified Pre-Owned Home Program. With the Certified approach, the house is inspected and approved before it goes on the market.

Here’s how this unique four-step process sets up happier outcomes for buyers and sellers:

  1. It starts with a thorough pre-market house inspection.
  2. Following the inspection, the home owner corrects any major deficiencies to the home’s key systems and appliances.
  3. Once the repairs are finished, HouseCheck reinspects the home to assure the repairs have been properly completed.
  4. Finally, we cover the house with a one-year warranty.

A HouseCheck Certified Pre-Owned Home delivers huge benefits to sellers…buyers…and real estate agents!

Benefits for Sellers:

  • Encourages offers. Inspecting the home and covering it with a warranty before putting it on the market removes buyer concerns and leads to of-fers.
  • Easier Negotiations – The earlier in the sales process negotiations take place, the more predictable the process is for everyone.
  • Increased chance for success – Issues found during the inspection period are the #1 reason for transaction failure and can result in stress, lost time and lost value. The HouseCheck Certification sets the stage for a positive outcome.
  • Enhanced Marketability – A HouseCheck Certified Pre-Owned Home al-lows your home to stand out from the crowd. It communicates your home’s value to buyers and provides peace of mind with a one-year home warranty.
  • Simplified Process – The HouseCheck Certified Pre-Owned Home process reduces stress, eliminates complexity and allows you to focus on moving forward.

Benefits for Buyers:

  • Protect a big investment – Buying a house is a big deal! Buyers want to know the true condition of the home. The owner of a HouseCheck Certified Pre-Owned home had the foresight to conduct an inspection and fix any major problems before putting the house on the market, while also electing to purchase a one-year home warranty that on be-half of the buyer.
  • Breathe a sigh of relief – The HouseCheck certification gives home buyers added assurance that you’re not buying a house full of hidden problems. This provides greater peace of mind and helps relieve the stress of finding and buying a home.

Benefits for Agents:

  • A more predictable path– Whether you are representing the seller, the buyer, or both, the last thing you want is an unpleasant surprise — one that can be avoided with a Certified Pre-Owned Home.
  • Reduced Transaction Failure – Knowing the condition of the home, agents deal with fewer mid-transaction surprises. The negotiating process is likely to be smoother. And there’s less likelihood that a transaction will fail.

Let’s HouseCheck’s “Seal of Approval” help seal the deal on your transaction.

Contact HouseCheck and learn how our Certified Pre-Owned Home Program builds confidence, reduces stress and gives all parties a better opportunity for success.