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by Amanda D. on HouseCheck

Chris and Jim were amazing to work with. They answered alot of questions and Chris didnt mind that we followed behind him.

They both were very knowledgeable and put our worries at ease!

Highly recommend!

by Jay & Cindy P. on HouseCheck

First and most important, Chuck was on time, now seriously, he was a total professional, knowledgeable and personable. He made us feel comfortable about some concerns we had in our new home. We would definitely recommend him. Thank you Chuck and HouseCheck.

by Joel H. on HouseCheck

We just moved into our 3rd home, and could not have been happier with HouseCheck! We wish we would have used them for our past 2 inspections!

Eric was absolutely meticulous throughout the entire inspection. Not only was he able to get it done in our very tight time frame, he also delivered his report that same afternoon! He then took the time to talk us through the entire report and clearly explained every detail. Knowing that the inspection was performed by someone as knowledgeable as Eric made us completely confident in making our decision to purchase the house. Thank you Eric and HouseCheck!

by Scott S. on HouseCheck

I would personally like to take the time to say something about Nick Korchick. I'm from Illinois and literally know nothing about purchasing a home in Florida. Nick couldn't have been more thorough in his inspection of the house we found. And during this inspection he took the time to answer every question my wife and I had. Then after his inspection he explained again what he found and took the time to go over just about anything you could think of about being a resident/home owner in Florida.
House Check you have an Awesome employee!!!

by Veronica S. on HouseCheck

I truly enjoy working with the whole House Check team in Las Vegas. Julianna, Carmen and Monte are so kind, professional and courteous. Their inspections are thorough and accurate. When taking care of our clients, they don’t hesitate to act promptly and honor their word. As a Real Estate Professional I know that my clients are in good hands.

by Carol G. on HouseCheck

My husband and I are purchasing a new home and need an home inspection. My realator requested I use "his guy." I decided to go on my own and do research. I posted on facebook for an inspector and Ernie came highly recomended. From the first message exchange thru the whole inspection process he was remarkable! Turn around time was exceptional. Ernie took his time (even in the extreme heat ) to fine tooth comb thru the new home we were purchasing. Very professional and approachable with all the questions we had. Highly recommend Ernie!!! Great personality,very professional and impecable service

by Fitri B. on HouseCheck

He is great and expert, make the process and the report simple but detail, i did with this company 2 times already, will working together in the near future for sure

by Kristal W. on HouseCheck

Jake has done several home inspections for my clients. He's always professional, on time, thorough, and takes the time to explain everything carefully to my buyers.

by Lisa on HouseCheck

I am so excited to have such a thorough, professional and easy to read inspection report and inspectors to refer to my clients. HouseCheck offers so many extras! 120 days home warranty starting from the day they do the inspection for free and if you decide to continue on with the home warranty, they don't charge services call fees, brilliant! So far I have referred them to two clients and both times it has been great.

by Selene S on HouseCheck

Carmen is my go to inspector, always professional, on time, efficient, and very helpful. All my clients love working with him!

by David W. on HouseCheck

Very Professional every step of the Process. This is our primary go to Home Inspection Company.

by Waldina T. on HouseCheck

It was easy to place an order. The inspector took his time to explain things to us. His report was easy to read. Will work with this company again.

by Gerald S. on HouseCheck

Our inspector was very thorough. He took the time required and doubtless found every issue with our new house. Good job.

by Aaron W. on HouseCheck

Jake Cunningham was very prompt and thorough in the inspection of this 4300 sq.ft. house. I was very impressed with his willingness to answer any questions and explain inspection results to my buyers. I will definitely request Jake for future inspections. Top quality inspections you can depend on.

by Shirley B. on HouseCheck

Because I am a buyer from out of state and couldn't personally attend the inspection, I needed extra consultation over the phone. Josh was very helpful and communicated via phone, text, and email to make sure I had not only the information on the report, but a grasp of what he had seen at the inspection site. I really appreciate that extra touch! Thank you so much, HouseCheck. I am a Real Estate Agent, transferring my license to Idaho, and will be happy to refer you to my own clients once I get set up in the Boise area.

by Peter W. on HouseCheck

Jake Cunningham arrived on time and completed the home inspection in a timely fashion. The report was readable and to the point. This is something that I do appreciate. The buyer is satisfied with the report and its contents. Thank you Jake for a great job done well.

Thank you, Peter

by Jaret G. on HouseCheck
Broker | Owner

I've worked with a lot of different inspection companies in my 20 + years of practice. I really like the forward thinking House Check brings to the industry. I've enjoyed the inspector we work with and our clients benefit from the products they have to offer to buyers and sellers.

by Mark S. on HouseCheck

We all know that any inspector is capable of missing something in an inspection. HouseCheck has reduced the cost of a potential oversight to my clients. I think that this is significant. In addition to this, we were very satisfied with the inspection that was conducted on the subject property. The folks at HouseCheck seem genuinely concerned with continual improvement which is also a great sign. I look forward to building a long term business relationship with this company! Great First Impression!

by Diane F. on HouseCheck

Our first experience with House Check was great! Josh was very thorough and very patient with the buyer's questions. The warranty and perks are an added extra that will have us referring House Check again. Thank you!

by Currie B. on HouseCheck

I highly recommend Josh Hull. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, thorough and goes above and beyond to address client concerns. . . even beyond the sale.

by Aaron on HouseCheck

Very thorough inspection. Was happy with the report and all the extra things that are included like the warranty, and buy back guarantee. That's really what convinced the buyers to use HouseCheck. 4 stars was only because it took 5 hours to inspect a 1450 Sq.Ft. house. We were very happy of the thoroughness, but speed could be improved. Will use them again.

by Ronald R. on HouseCheck

I thought the whole process was thorough. Pointed out things I would never think of looking at. Very good job overall I think them a lot.

by Liz W. on HouseCheck

Jake was early, efficient, professional, and knowledgable. I appreciate the time he took to go over the report.

Thanks Jake!

by Danielle W. on HouseCheck

I'm very happy with House Check! They are very professional and friendly. You get a full report w this is the how's everything they're talking about.

by Ben C. on HouseCheck

Prompt Professional service from the Inspector Dan and loved the detail in the report with dialogue and pics on all the items he covered. Great that he took the time at the end of the inspection to invite us along for a summary of what he found - Very Helpful and we highly recommend their services. Thanks HouseCheck!

by Gayle N. on HouseCheck

This was the first time I used Housecheck. I was very pleased. Thank you for a job well done.

by Franco Vuittonet on HouseCheck

Dan Frost was my first experience with Housecheck. He inspected a 5K sq ft home and he didn't rush. it took some time but he was extremely thorough. Plus, all the different perks such as 120 day warranty, great communication and more! If you are an agent you should be using Housecheck yourself!!.

by Nickolaus K. on HouseCheck

Josh came highly recommended by one of my colleagues. And now I know why. Josh was phenomenal! I was amazed at how thorough he was and professional. He took time to explain his findings with my clients. I was so impressed that I immediately scheduled another inspection with Josh.

by April C. on HouseCheck

Travis is excellent! He was very thorough and took the time to discuss the inspection with me when he was finished. I would use him again.

by Jim Carney - Silvercreek Realty Group on HouseCheck

I believe its worth noting that your inspector, Josh Hull did an outstanding job. Very detailed in his inspection and really knows how to interface properly with the clients. I have been in real estate for twenty some years. In that time I have come in contact with countless home inspectors. He surpasses them all. When the need arises I will always use him.

by Aaron W. on HouseCheck

I always recommend HouseCheck to my buyer clients. They are thorough and competitively priced and no one can meet or beat their 90 day buy back service. Now they are offering amazing home warranties as well. I love when my clients are happy with services I can recommend and House Check never disappoints.

by Quentin & Anna on HouseCheck

Josh Hull did an excellent job on our inspection. He was thorough and patient with all of our questions. He has been available for additional questions after the inspection. We would highly recommend HouseCheck and Josh!

by Johnny on HouseCheck

Inspection was thorough, documentation was clear, inspection was done on time.

by Maile on HouseCheck

Thank you for reaching out. Your inspection was most helpful in determining that this home was not the right fit for us. We are building a home now and hope to be in it by October. When we are ready, we will be reaching out to you to perform our inspection of this home. Your service and technician have been great and we look forward to working with you again.

by Sheila on HouseCheck

They were wonderful. From the politeness of the office staff to the kindness of the inspector. This was the first inspection we have ever had, but not the first inspector that we have delt with. He walked us threw the whole house, telling us what he had seen and answered all of our questions, in a kind and respectful way. The email with the report was easy to share and understand. The invoice was professional. And it was easy to make the payment as well. Over all they were wonderful.

by Mark S on HouseCheck

Our inspector was pretty detailed with the inspection and provided a detailed report with an even more detailed follow-up call. The only thing I'd have to say is that the inspection of the crawl space wasn't as thorough as implied. I did a follow-up inspection of the crawl space based on their comments and found that they missed a couple of key items that should have been in the formal report and weren't. Fortunately, these items are not too serious or expensive to fix. All in all, good job. I would use them again.

by Jason on HouseCheck

Josh Hull is thorough, engaged, on time and professional. What a fine person to have represent any company. 5/5

The report explained, in detail, all areas of concern. Not only were the photos helpful, a brief explanation on how to solve the problem followed.

by Keven Griffin on HouseCheck

I was very satisfied with the inspector, Dan Frost, from HouseCheck. He was very thorough and very knowledgeable about different materials used over the last 40 years ad issues with them.. He was okay with me tagging along and we discussed everything we looked at. Almost 5 hours later I had a good understanding of what needed to be done. I was very aware of what I wanted to ask to be repaired and what I wanted to deal with myself. I would definitely use Housecheck in the future.

by Richard W. on HouseCheck

I am very impressed with the quality of service I received from my House Check inspection. Josh Hull is a very professional representative of this company. He was timely, thorough, and presented himself very well. He went out of his way to research the issues with our house and provide valuable information.

by Trish b. on HouseCheck

We were the sellers and Daniel did the inspection. Very respectful and did a great job

by Mark I. on HouseCheck

The inspector was friendly and knowledgeable. Talked me through the things he saw and showed me pictures as well as explanation of how things should be. As far as the report, I didn't see any issues. It was easy to understand and I had emailed the report to (my builder) to review.

by Susan S. on HouseCheck

I think the inspector did a great job. he found some areas of the home that needed reasonably serious repair. Without him, I would have found those items and had to pay to repair them myself. He was available to answer my questions when I called him.

The report was pretty thorough. I can call a handyman and give him the pages showing things that I want to have fixed and feel pretty confident that i have take care of any deferred maintenance items.
Thank you for your good service.

by Todd H. on HouseCheck

This is the fourth home we’ve purchased and I could not have been more impressed with the inspector (Josh Hull); he was very professional in all forms (presentation, speech, manners, dress, etc.), he was thorough and made sure we understood everything and always asked if we had questions. He spoke to my wife and I equally and made eye contact and was easily understandable. He could not have been better.

The inspection report was as it should be and as I expected; clean and easy and concise.

by Erin G. on HouseCheck

The inspector was great, he did an excellent job at explaining everything to me and answering all of my questions and I appreciated that. He was very thorough too. The inspection was clear, detailed and easy to read. Everything was wonderful keep doing what you're doing!

by Antonio B. on HouseCheck

Absolutely satisfied with both (inspector and report), in fact I very recently referred a coworker named Will Shutters to you and recommended he ask for Josh. I havent heard from him since (we are both journeymen and run different crews, rarely working together), so im not sure if you guys helped him out, but i have also referred others to you as well. Thanks for doing a great job

by Rebecca S. on HouseCheck

Daniel is awesome and I would want him and only him for every house inspection that I ever get. His report is very thorough.

by Milorad P. on HouseCheck

Everything was excellent.

It is a good example how inspection and report should look like.

Inspector was knowledgeable and report was extraordinary one.

I'll definitely recommend your company to my friends .

by Maddie W. on HouseCheck

Yes we are very happy with how things went with the inspector and the report! Thank you!

by Darlene M. on HouseCheck

Perry, I just want you to know how impressed I was with Josh Hull and House Check! Thank you for sending him. He was so professional, thorough, neat, answered many questions I had and gave good advice. I will recommend you to everyone!

by Steve R. on HouseCheck

Hi Perry,

I wanted to say thank you for helping make our inspection right on the house my mother in law was looking at on Gage St.

Daniel did a very thorough job both in person talking us through everything and in his report documenting all. As a result of this inspection we learned things we never would have known about this property until it was too late.

We have chosen not to continue with the sale of this property.

I have appreciated your process and look forward to working with you more in the future.

Kind Regards,

Steve R.

by Kathy on HouseCheck

Hello Mike,

Following your company's inspection of our potential new home, we didn't buy it after all. That was directly related to the inspection: he pointed out problems we had not been aware of and they turned out to be deal-breakers. We're glad now that we engaged your team and got such a thorough inspection. We would have called you first for an inspection and home services on our next choice of home if we had not ended up with a completely new home that came with its own warrantees. I would certainly recommend you to anyone seeking a home inspection though. The cost of the service was very reasonable and the value delivered was excellent.


by Kari M. on HouseCheck

I've worked with Josh Hull frequently in the past year. He has always been on time, very professional, and extremely knowledgeable. During each inspection he takes time with clients to make sure they understand issues with the home and gets the inspection report completed and sent in a reasonable time. I will continue to turn to Josh for our home inspection needs.

Thank you Josh!

Kari M., Licensed Real Estate Professional

by Dave G. on HouseCheck

“I highly recommend HouseCheck Home Inspections. The final inspection report put my mind at ease about the overall condition of the property, and made it easy for us to move forward with the purchase of our new home!”

by Rich B. on HouseCheck

“HouseCheck came highly recommended by our veteran Realtor. HouseCheck was prompt, courteous and extremely thorough. After the inspection he walked through the home highlighting the deficiencies he spotted and was more than willing to answer our questions. Their final report was clear and concise which made it easy for us to negotiate our final closing terms. As first time home buyers, we found HouseCheck to be an invaluable part of the process and would not hesitate to call them for our next home inspection.”

by Rick W. on HouseCheck

“HouseCheck inspected the property I ended up buying and was very thorough and turned up several issues that the seller then took care of before we had the closing. HouseCheck saved me from the expense and annoyance of discovering these subtle little problems afterwards.”

by Dale A. [Exclusive Buyer Agent] on HouseCheck

“HouseCheck Home Inspections is my 1st Choice in Home Inspectors. It is especially rewarding to have an Inspector that can offer insight into options to solve the problems we find. I highly recommend HouseCheck for peace of mind for my clients.”

by Debbie C. on HouseCheck

“As a 39 year real estate professional I am very particular about who I use on my team when representing my clients. For Home Inspections, it’s HouseCheck Period. HouseCheck responds quickly, is very thorough, includes pictures of the problem areas so we know exactly where the issue is and he has a quick turn around time. I also love that if my clients need clarification on anything, HouseCheck is open and available to that communication.”