Why HouseCheck?

If you’re a home inspector, you didn’t become an inspector because you thought it would be fun to deliver donuts to real estate offices and hope for referrals.

And you’re probably not too crazy about explaining your services and pricing over and over again to every prospective customer, or having to deal with all the appointment scheduling, either.

You became a home inspector for one reason: You wanted to inspect houses. But let’s face it…you’re probably spending way too much time dealing with all the issues that come with running a home inspection business, and not nearly enough time actually inspecting houses.

When you join our team and become a HouseCheck inspector, we take care of all that stuff. such as planning and executing marketing campaigns, answering inquiries, scheduling inspection appointments, collecting payments. That frees you up to focus on providing quality home inspections.

For complete details on the benefits of becoming a HouseCheck inspector, click the button below:

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What Makes HouseCheck Different:

We offer an unconditional money-back guarantee
We provide a FREE 120-day home warranty
We offer a FREE 90-day Home Buy-Back satisfaction guarantee
As a thank you to our customers, we offer:
A FREE lifetime membership to Porch Home Assistant Gold, a home service concierge that helps manage the move-in process and can assist with home maintenance repairs
$200 in FREE discount coupons (eight $25 coupons) for handyman services