Are Your Home’s Major Systems Healthy?

Your friendly, professional HouseCheckUp Inspector provides all the answers on your home’s major systems and equipment — from heating and cooling to electrical, from the roof right down to the foundation.
Enhance your family’s peace of mind.  Avoid the stress of unexpected, expensive home repairs with a HouseCheck Maintenance Inspection.


  • HouseCheck’s home inspectors are the cream of the crop. We find the best inspectors, then we equip them to be even better with advanced training tools, breakthrough technologies, and the backing of a solid national brand.
  • When you’re ready to hire a home inspector, remember that not all inspectors are created equal. When you choose a HouseCheck inspector, you’re assured of getting the most thorough inspection, the clearest, most useful inspection report, along with the greatest gift of all: total peace of mind.
  • When it’s time to choose an inspector, you deserve the very best. To learn more about our services — or to schedule your HouseCheck inspection — click above or call our toll-free Customer Care line: 1-844-94-Check (24325).
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