brandon farrowBOISE, Idaho, May 8, 2019 – Boise-based National HouseCheck offers a growing mix of services designed to make the lives of real estate agents and brokers easier, more productive and more profitable.

“As a real estate broker in a competitive market for over 15 years, I was in a constant battle to set my agency apart and provide value,” says HouseCheck’s Vice President of Real Estate Business Development and Sales, Brandon Farrow. “What I love about HouseCheck is that we really do get it. We understand what it’s like to be on the front lines of an industry facing significant, fast-moving, seemingly never-ending changes.”

Farrow shared some key HouseCheck products that add great value to brokers and agents. “By bundling HouseCheck’s Home Inspection services, Home Warranty Plans, Certified Pre-Owned Home program and new HouseFax Property Reports, our colleagues in the real estate community can arm themselves with an unbeatable combination of competitive weapons.”

Inspections. HouseCheck knows that referring a home inspector to a client is a key recommendation. An agent or broker’s credibility is on the line. That’s why HouseCheck Home Inspectors are held to high standards of training and professionalism.

“As a real estate broker for many years, I could do a great job working with the client, and developing a successful sales and marketing strategy,” Farrow says. “But what happened during the inspection was not in my control.

“Just about any broker or agent can detail a glitch during an inspection that made the deal go south,” Farrow continued. “But HouseCheck realizes what both agents and their clients are going through.”

HouseCheck Home Inspectors know how hard agents work to reach this phase of the sales process. They understand they are in a position of high responsibility where accuracy, transparency and fairness are critical.

As Farrow puts it, “HouseCheck Inspectors do more than just tell a buyer what’s wrong with the property. They take the time to educate the buyer about the systems in the home. They know their job is not to just go down a check list. They are there to provide expertise and bridge the gap between buyer, inspector and agent.”

In addition to a professional team of inspectors, HouseCheck Home Inspections come with a number of value-added features. This includes an unconditional money-back guarantee, a free 120-day home warranty, and a free 90-day Home Buy-Back satisfaction guarantee.

Warranty. Real estate agents and brokers want to make the home-buying process as close to worry-free as possible. HouseCheck puts the home inspection and home warranty under the same umbrella – and within the agent’s control.

“By bundling our inspection and warranty plans, agents can extend the typical 12-month warranty to a full 16 months,” Farrow explains. “This reduces stress and helps assure a worry-free move in.”

“When agents recommend a HouseCheck Home Warranty, they plant the seeds for a future relationship with the customer,” Farrow continues. “If and when the buyer needs to file a claim, they’ll remember the agent who suggested the warranty.”

HouseCheck provides several Home Warranties to choose from. Each provides free preventive maintenance checks on the home’s heating and cooling system. Maintaining these systems properly increases a homeowner’s peace of mind.

Certified Pre-Owned Home. When the subject of HouseCheck’s Certified Pre-Owned Home Program came up, Mr. Farrow lights up with enthusiasm. “Let’s get real,” he says. “We can’t do real estate like we used to. We work in a consumer-centric system now, and we have to show up. Customers are obsessed with convenience and speed. We need to help them to get it!”

Farrow points to HouseCheck’s Certified Pre-Owned Home as a smart method to pave the way to smoother transactions. “Speaking of value,” Farrow says, “this can be a huge game changer for sellers.”

The Certified Pre-Owned Home program turns the typical chain of events – where an inspection happens following an accepted offer – and turns it on its head. Instead, with the Certified approach, the house is inspected before it’s put on the market. The home is even covered with a one-year warranty. This leads to a simpler process that is attractive to seller and buyer alike.

There is also a benefit to agents. The Certified Pre-Owned Home has been shown to increase listing commissions by enhancing agent value – instead of offering discounts. “It increases competition among potential buyers who now have more available information and can be more confident with their offers, and it reduces stress in the process for all parties involved,” Mr. Farrow says.

HouseFax. “Today’s homebuyer is an information-thirsty consumer – and there’s no better way I can think of to quench that thirst than with a HouseFax Property Report,” Mr. Farrow says. “It saves agents loads of research time and gives home seekers extremely valuable information.”

Recently acquired by HouseCheck, HouseFax gives the real estate industry and consumers detailed, consolidated house reports of a home’s general information and history. HouseFax’s property information platform offers insights into nearly 110 million U.S. homes.

“HouseCheck is all about transparency and value,” Farrow says. “HouseFax enhances both by helping real estate agents become go-to property experts. Agents can literally put together a HouseFax report in minutes. This one’s a no-brainer!”

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